Webinar As a Promotion Tool. Rules And Mistakes.

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Webinar rules and mistakes

Webinar – as a promotion tool?

Nowadays webinar – is among of the most popular promotion tools! As more and more marketers rely on webinars to engage their customers in strong connections brand-consumer!

What’s the most important in webinars – it depends on whom you are asking: for users – the most important – is to get answers for their question, the webinar must solve their problem; if we are talking about organizers – the conversion operation (the aim of holding a webinar) that was set at the beginning must be reached (to inform customers about new function, new product, to get leads, to sell new functions of the product, to increase the traffic etc.)

Webinar promotion

The first slighting mistake – to limit webinar promotions to around one week. You’ll say it’s a common practice, but restricting promotions to one week leaves a lot on the table. ON24 benchmark data shows you can increase the size of your audience by up to 36% when you promote beyond seven days. Extending webinar promotions beyond a week and delivering multiple messages and email types increase your chance of successfully hitting that moment of receptivity.


The second problem we face with – registration failure! More than 38% of users fail to complete the registration. Either the form is too long or the questions are hard understandable!

Please don’t forget about sharing information! Include Twitter, Facebook and other social tools directly in the confirmation page so registrants can tweet or post that they just signed up for your webinar.


Help people not to miss your event! Embed a calendar tool on every landing page, allowing registrants to place your webinars on their business calendars.


Don’t forget about your audience! Use different ways of interactive communication: polls, surveys, Q&A, chats! You should choose your webinar strategy and keep it though the whole meeting! There are three main branches and usually it’s enough: presenter-to-audience, audience-to-presenter and audience-to-audience.

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