Webinar As a Promotion Tool. Rules And Mistakes.

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Webinar tips and guidelines

Want to bore your audience to death? Give them PowerPoint slides crammed with line after line of text. Presenters have long struggled with the problem of excessive text. More words do not strengthen your message – they weaken it. Always remember you are telling a story.


Helping – not selling! People mostly often attend webinars to find answers and to consider new, fresh ideas! Please don’t disappoint them! Please keep the rule 80/20 – at least 80% of your webinar content should contain needed to audience information. Only 20% – you can devote to your own straight promotion purposes!

Try not to fall into the trap of padding content to expand the presentation time – it’s the next very popular mistake! Your content should be very interesting, involving. It is a fairly standard practice to start webinars about two minutes after the hour. Many attendees will be running from another meeting – but don’t delay longer than two or three minutes – this will abuses the time of waiting attendees.

Technical webinar tips

Please try to use a good webinar console that will help you retain the focus and attention of your audience throughout your presentation.

Respect the choice of your audience! Now that most webinar platforms support mobile viewing, registrants are free to view your content when it is most convenient for them. Please provide this opportunity! Remember – your marketing is boundless, but people are not! They live in different states, countries, they are working in different jobs. This makes it impossible for everyone to attend live. Ensure your webinars are available within 48 hours of the live event.

And the last, but not the least – there is no quicker way to get audience members to drop off of your webinar – than poor audio quality! Here are some tips – to help you avoid this problem:

  • Never use cell phones or speaker phones.
  • Use a good-quality handset or headset.
  • Present in a small room; big rooms often have an echo.
  • Turn off air conditioning, heaters or other noisy devices. You may think they can’t be heard over the phone line, but they can.
  • If your cell phone is in the room, turn it off so it doesn’t ring during the presentation.
  • If you are using a room in your office building, place a DO NOT DISTURB sign prominently on the door so co-workers don’t barge in unexpectedly.
  • Mute the volume on your computer speakers.
  • Sound check every speaker 30 minutes before the webinar, so you have time to address any issues with audio quality.

Good luck!

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