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In this article, you will learn why marketing via text messages is vital to your company's success.4 min


If you are a business owner, then you should already know how important it is to do your marketing correctly for you to be able to reach your target audience and get them to understand and learn about your business products and services. Besides the traditional methods of marketing on billboards and television commercials and online marketing methods of email marketing and social media campaigns, one of the most effective ways of marketing includes text messaging. In this article, you will learn why marketing via text messages is vital to your company’s success.

The power of text messaging

Various studies have reported that in the past decade, text messaging has increased rapidly. It has nearly doubled amongst people who belong to the 18 and twenty-four-year-old age group. Text messaging has almost risen by 100% among people who belong to the twenty-five to thirty-year-old age group. People who belong to the thirty-five and fifty-four-year-old age group use text messaging most often. Surprisingly enough, senior citizens also use text messaging increasingly.

Currently, there are around 200 million people who use cell phones in the United States only and almost 80 percent of these people use text messaging to communicate more often than not.

Research has shown that today SMS or Short Messaging Service has become the primary mode of cell phone messaging. People sent around 10 trillion messages annually. Almost four billion messages are sent and received every day.

A2P or application-to-person messaging services like automated alerts sent from banks, discount offers sent by retailers, and m-tickets are quite popular. They are expected to even overtake person-to-person messaging by 2020.

Advertisement spending on mobile phones has increased a lot globally. Search ads and localized advertisements have driven up mobile ad regularly.

What does this mean for your business promotion campaigns?

Today we see a revolution in marketing via text messages. It is not only an immediate but also an extremely personal way of addressing your potential customers. This method of marketing is still in its initial stages. You can make your business jump ahead of all your competitors by just using this new and exciting opportunity. You can add text messaging for marketing purposes to all your advertisement strategies as well.

You can well imagine the immense possibilities that you can get from text message marketing. It can help you to grow your company immensely. Today, we also have many web-based messaging platforms, and these will give you immediate access to them, and you do not have to spend your time waiting for them. Also, it has enabled small businesses also to use this innovative marketing method.

After you set your SMS service up, you can get your customers to opt for your text message-based promotions. This will mean that you will be sending texts to those customers who have already purchased your products and who would like to have information about any special offers which you may have.

What can you do with text message promotions?

You will be able to build up more customer loyalty. You can increase the number of sales you get, raise your conversion rates and also the frequency of customer visits. You can send information about your special promotions, weekly offers, any events and reminders for appointments. You can send your text messages which would be specific and precise and offer your customers value. You can text them once every week to inform them about any weekly specials and so on.

Most of the text messages that you send will get read by your recipients. Studies have shown that close to 80 percent of these messages would be read in just the first hour of the receipt. This high rate is one of the major reasons why you must use SMS marketing for your brand.

Also, these days, most people keep their mobile phones with them always, throughout the day and all the time. Thus, you will be able to reach them in a matter of a few seconds now.

Using Group Messaging Services

These days, group text messaging has become extremely popular as a method for marketing. It will allow you to locate the best target market for your business in the world; you will not be limited in your own country anymore. Group text messaging is also quite affordable.

Group text messaging can work so well as people from all parts of the world get easily addicted to the text messaging phenomenon, they tend to read and respond more to text messages than to emails. It is for this reason that today email marketing is not active anymore.

Some of the prime advantages that group text messaging will offer are:

  1. The process of dissemination of essential information will become quite easy. It will allow you to have better ease of communicating when you need to reach vast numbers of people.
  2. Group text messaging helps to monitor your business in a better way. It will give you the chance to deliver your goods to all parts of the world, and you will not have to encounter any hassles. You will be able to use this for monitoring when your items get paid for and shipped and then finally when it has arrived at their destination. You can also check whether the item was delivered at all or returned.
  3. You can use it to get feedback from your customers too. It will allow you to provide your customers with the ability and the chance to offer their opinions quickly and also quite easily.
  4. You can send a group text messageĀ to promote your business products and services to reach a wide number of people.

Group text messaging is terrific for business marketing for all the reasons above.


Text messaging and group text messaging is an innovative and novel new methods of marketing. It is cheap and inexpensive and guarantees better results. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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