Why Instagram hashtags are important? + Bonus: Free Instagram Tools

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Instagram hashtags play a vital role in marketing strategies these days. Any post on Instagram with a hashtag get 12.6% more engagement than a post without any hashtag. Don’t you think it’s time to understand that Instagram hashtags are powerful enough to attract new audience?

Why Instagram hashtags are important?

The market spread widely for the last couple of years and it still grows each day! Look at the numbers! Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users, more than 500 million of them use the platform every day. In this situation it becomes harder and harder to make people notice your content. Today Instagram is used not only like personal photo diary as it was at the beginning, – but as a powerful marketing tool. Instagram businesses show the most fast growing results compare to other social channels. Hashtags – the easiest way of finding information. People search for inspiration by tags: #inspirational #inspiration #motivation #inspirationalquotes #motivational #love #motivationalquotes #quotes #success #inspire #quoteoftheday; people search for services using tags: #furnituredesign, #hairdresser, #nailart etc. Also people may add hashtags with locations to restrict the search to their neighborhood. The Instagram hashtags became and inalienable part of fashion, food and tourism industries. People create communities finding new friends by hashtags.


1 #love 1,575,033,330
2 #instagood 1,006,270,684
3 #photooftheday 639,677,351
4 #fashion 638,263,036
5 #beautiful 579,529,711
6 #art 516,195,014
7 #happy 501,194,020
8 #like4like 484,469,475
9 #tbt 472,088,575
10 #picoftheday 470,662,932
11 #follow 456,703,970
12 #nature 421,995,752
13 #photography 421,173,488
14 #style 406,584,265
15 #travel 400,306,296
16 #repost 399,737,489
17 #summer 391,916,191
18 #selfie 391,576,843
19 #instadaily 390,246,673
20 #me 380,288,108

I think it’s very cool that #love is on the 1st place!

Helpful Free Instagram tools

There are a lot of services nowadays that can ease your way of choosing the right hashtag. One of these Instagram Hashtag Generator – it’s a free tool. Also there are some tools to monitor hashtag online performance: Social Searcher – is a well known and easy-to-use free source; All Hashtag is also absolutely free, and they has now expanded to include four hashtag-related tools: Hashtag Generator – this is the original tool that generates top, random or live hashtags and shows you the best hashtags you need
Hashtag Creator – allows you to create your own custom hashtags
Hashtag Analytics – analyzes a hashtag and gives basic analytic information about your hashtag for your marketing strategy.
Top Hashtags – suggests the hashtags that are currently performing the best and are most popular.

There are also other type of solutions to bring new followers to your Instagram account that and they are widely used by Instagram influencers here and there. Stormlikes as an example – where you can just buy likes. They claim to provide likes from real users. This might be a good option for those who prefer to take the easy route. But it’s another story… and I’m sure we will cover it shortly here on px-blog.

* statistics is taken from http://best-hashtags.com


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