The myths behind SEO in Adelaide

Many businesses in Adelaide are beginning to utilise SEO as an integral part of their marketing plan. 2 min


In this technological day and age, newspaper ads and the yellow pages are a thing of the past. These days people no longer use a phone book or check out the ads in the local paper to find a service. Instead, they whip out their smartphone, tablet or computer and Google what they’re looking for. The process is not only fast and efficient but can be done on the spot.

The problem with SEO as a service is it is very misunderstood. While most people have basic IT knowledge, many lack an understanding of the complexity of SEO. Despite businesses understanding the need if SEO to get noticed on Google, they don’t really know how it works. Furthermore, owing to the constantly changing nature of SEO, some may think they understand it, however, Google may have changed an algorithm that has completely altered how it works. In order to break down some common myths about SEO, we have tackled two major misconceptions.

If I have links, then my SEO will work 

SEO is like a puzzle; it cannot be completed if one piece is missing. Unfortunately, though, some people forget the grand scheme of things and purely focus on one aspect of SEO. There are many businesses out there that only concentrate strongly on link building. While of course, this is a great technique to enhance your ranking, without the other crucial elements, it doesn’t work. Furthermore, when building links it’s crucial to steer clear of purchasing links. Google picks up on bad quality links and will actually penalize your website if they find you have been purchasing links that are little more than spam.

SEO is far more critical than website usability 

Have you ever logged on to a website and had no clue how to navigate around it? You end up spending several moments searching for the pages you were looking for, however, after a while, you click back and find another website that is easier to use. In this technological day and age, we have the attention span of a gnat. With the Internet being so speedy, we expect things straight away. If we visit a website and can’t work it out within 20 seconds, we hit back and check out the other 40 websites offering a similar service or product. With so much competition out there for businesses, it’s important to ensure this doesn’t happen.

This is why SEO and website usability need to go hand in hand. People need to understand that without each other, they would be nothing. For example, even if you are findable on Google, without website usability, people will instantly click off and look somewhere else. Furthermore, if you have a user-friendly website but don’t invest in SEO, no one will be able to even find your website to use it. Overall, SEO is necessary to bring visitors to your website, while usability converts them to customers.

As you can see from these two examples of SEO myths, SEO is a complex service that cannot be provided by just anyone. SEO consultants are unique creatures with a thirst for problem-solving and research. For them, SEO is their life and they are always finding new ways to learn more about the beast that is Google. These types of people are the best to assist you with SEO. One company that is renowned for providing unsurpassed SEO services in Adelaide is ZibMedia.


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Frank Scorsonelli is an experienced SEO Adelaide expert with over a decade of valuable experience in the field of digital marketing for small to large scale business houses in Adelaide. He helps companies establish brand presence and improve targeted traffic.


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