How does Facebook Decide What Post To Show You?

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Facebook pots in the news feed

[To post or not to post…]

[Can’t stand the pressure from endless promotions, and payable content? Nobody can!]

How does unpaid Facebook post appear on your news feed?

Have you heard about the EdgeRank? If you ever logged into Facebook not just to muck about on your friends page – I’m sure you defiantly understand what we are going to talk about.

EdgeRank – is Facebook algorithm to determine what articles should be displayed in a user’s News Feed. So, before asking where have all normal Facebook posts gone – you should understand how it works!

And though officially this term is no longer in use – the new algorithm doesn’t have such a catchy name so everybody keep calling it EdgeRank. A few years ago after some psychological experiments, held by Facebook showed up in some trustworthy resources like The Guardian and after removing most of organic factors EdgeRank “lost his reputation” and Facebook had to replace it with something new. So the next time you’ll have to talk about how Facebook selects and ranks the content for the News Feed, you’ll need to do it without using the word EdgeRank – to be relevant it terms.

Facebook Insists that their new algorithm takes more than 100,000 factors into account – they really added a great amount of new features, but the foundation stays the same. And in spite of the fact, that many respectable marketers including but not limited to Marshall Manson – the Managing Director of Social@Ogilvy (in his article: “Facebook Zero: Considering Life After the Demise of Organic Reach…”) buried the organic Facebook engagement in 2014 already, still there are things we can pay attention to.

We need to:

– be catching! Product – 20% VS Fun – 80%

– use payable methods together with organic!

– organize it in full and for the minimum time amount!

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