Facebook tips for post writing and publishing

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Facebook best tips for posting

Facebook tips for organic and payed posts

Facebook TIPS for organic posts

[some of them can be used for payment marketing]

  1. Post constantly
  2. Publish “fresh” content (perfect guidelines on HubSpot)
  3. Start your own group (tips can be found here). Compose clear rules for posting and pin them at the top of the group news feed – where all direct new members will see them. Also write a value proposition
  4. Join the other groups, that serves your business interests
  5. When posting – always set the targeting – this feature also available for organic posts (find more information on Facebook Audience Optimization
  6. Post in the right time (see above). Some marketers use the opposite tactic – they publish, when their competitors are asleep… try both…and check the results with Facebook Insights
  7. Post videos natively in Facebook. Videos have become the strongest content filler in the news feed! Remember, that video should be short, good quality and shouldn’t lose its idea, if playing in mute mode – over 80% of videos are viewed without a sound.
  8. Post not more than 3 times a day – not to be If you have your audience in different time zones – then you can post more often – but use targeting.
  9. Publish quality content – interesting, fun, and educational. Remember rule: 20% – business, 80% – other interests.
  10. Don’t forget to share your Page content on your profile and ask your staff to do the same

Facebook tips for ad posts

So if you decide to use the Facebook for your marketing purposes – there is good news – it’s not expensive and it can be strictly targeted! All the needed information Facebook for Business

TIPS for Facebook AD

  1. Use “promote your page” strategy – if low budget
  2. Choose CPI – if low budget
  3. Target the audience
  4. Always set the max $ you can spend
  6. Write short text (max 80 characters), short headline (max 20-25 characters)
  7. Choose quality placement instead of quantity shows
  8. Use “Clicks to your page” strategy – if the budget upper then 7-10$
  9. Create your custom audience (customer list, web traffic, etc.)
  10. Set the connection to your Facebook page to appear in the News Feed
  11. Use advanced settings to add other text to the link

Always keep an eye on all the news, statistics and updates happening around the platform!

If you are following all these rules – I’m sure you have already registered on F8

P.S. In case you are in doubts: to write or not to write – read the post: How does Facebook Decide What Post To Show You? It will help you to save time and to chose the needed strategy!

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