Microdata And Other Free Tips To Achieve Good Appearance in SERP

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First screen of SERP marked with microdata

[What is for FREE?]

Look at the screen above! Everything that is bordered – absolutely FREE! Use microdata for the rich snippet, Google my business for the “business card” and your Facebook page – for rating. The only thing that is paid here – is Google Ad – just under the search input – and this also can be yours!  


[Why do I need this?]


If your company (product/service) information will take the whole space of the first screen on the first page of SERP….

Would not that be great?

Nobody…just you!



[What is what…]

What is SERP?

SERP – is the abbreviation to Search Engine Result Page. It’s the page the search engines show you in response to a query by a searcher. It would be right to say – that SERP – is the Search Engine Result Pages, but, actually nobody cares about the second result page…. okay, I should not have been so harsh – nobody cares about the 3-rd page!!! That for 100% indeed.

What is CTR? 

СTR- is the abbreviation to Click Through Rate. It’s the ratio of users, who click on the specific link to the total amount of users, who see this link.

To prove you, that the only thing you should approach to – is the first SERP page – I should give you the numbers: The sum CTR for the first result page – is 91%. It means, that even if you are on the top of the second result page – you have already lost 91% of your potential users/customers! Look at the image – this is the CTR percentage spread for the first result page.  Now tell me – who cares about the 3-rd page?


SERP consists of the Organic results and Payed results. It shows about 10 results per page (sometimes less).  And if the payed results can guarantee that your site will appear in the top results (for the keyword you targeted) is short terms – a day or two, the situation with organic is more complicated. You should struggle a lot to gain the place under the sun. But there are some tricks that can ease the pain.

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