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Landing page example

What is the main purpose of the landing page?

Landing page – is the page, where users will arrive or “land” from the search result page, from the payable ads, etc.

It’s usually standalone page, might even be absolutely different by the design style or color scheme from your main web site. You should have one main objective for one landing page – if you need to have several – you’d better create several landings – one for each goal. Usually, this web page has no main navigation – not to lead the user away from the main action he should make. To keep him focused on the subject.

Why do I need it?

Generally speaking all landing pages could be divided into two main categories:

Click Through Landing Page

If you are offering a product or a service – you main goal, most likely, would be conversions. In that case – this would be “Click Through landing page” and the conversion action would rather be clicking on the “Buy now” or “Purchase” button that will lead the user to the shopping cart.

Lead Generation Landing Page

The second type of the landing pages – is so-called “Lead Generation Landing Pages”. They are used to captcha user data. Most of them have forms, you need to fill in with your personal information: first name, last name, e-mail etc. Page owner will use this information by all means lately. Very often this type of landing pages forego the “Click Through landings”. For example – the company is developing the new product or service. They want to start promoting it beforehand – to “warm up” the target audience. And in this case the “Lead Generation landing page” works best! Users can make their pre-orders or a free trial version of the product. The most important thing to remember – you should offer some kind of goodies – free stuff, valuable for the user in exchange to the information he provides.

This could be anything you want – just think about what your customer will appreciate – and give it to him! All of us were involved in something like that at least once, when you’re asked to leave your contact information and you get a free trial of the product, or some kind of whitepaper, or e-book, or maybe a discount coupon.

Psychology of Customer Involvement

First you need to involve the customer into communication (Lead landing), then you need to build strong relationship (e-mail marketing, webinar, etc.), then when your customer is used to the idea of your presence in his life – you can use a heavy weapon – “Click through landing page”. But remember – not to push too hard. Better try to be persuasive.

What should your landing page be?

Your landing page should be user-orientated! Don’t forget about that. It’s very easy to switch to your company or brand praising! Try to avoid this mistake! You should stress the value of your offer to the client. What would he get by buying your product or subscribing to your newsletter!

You should mention all the advantages of your service/product over your competitors.

Use plain language. Imagine, that you never heard about that kind of products/services. What basic information you would like to have before you will click the purchase or submit button.

Don’t be afraid to overload the audience with information. But still keep the logic structure. Never mind if at the end you will have the long landing page. Always keep in mind the TV-shop techniques. They can keep it short and describe their offer in a few words – but they keep on talking and persuading you, bring forward all arguments, using different NLP tricks, like iteration, expert opinions and testimonials, etc. Keep on reading the article on the next page – we will dive further into the subject…

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