Embedding Instagram Feed in Your Web Design: How and Why

When you are using Instagram to promote your website and embedding its feed to your web design, that it will benefit your business and boost your content radically.2 min


When you are using Instagram to promote your website and embedding its feed to your web design, you know that it will benefit your business and boost your content radically. It will not cost you a dime but you can connect with your targeted audience. So, that is a bonus. When it comes to Instagram user-generated content, it will help you improve your website conversions, especially lead generation and e-commerce sites. That is why many business owners use Instagram feed on product pages, micro-sites, etc. 

You might be wondering why Instagram and not other social platforms. Well, according to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, businesses that post on Instagram receive 308 percent more user engagement than Facebook and 1313 percent more than Twitter. It was found as per the studies conducted by Locowise. Read on to learn why and how to embed Instagram feed on your website. 

Why Embed

There are many reasons why you should embed Instagram into your web design. Here is why: 

Likes, followers, and comments: The greatest benefit is that users will be able to use their individual Instagram accounts to engage with it from just there on your business website. It will give your site the additional exposure and help you earn more likes, followers, and comments.

You do not need to invest anything additional or no extra effort is necessary to embed Instagram feed into your web design. Besides, you will gain more followers for Instagram in no time. So what are you waiting for, huh? Take the plunge. 

More dwell time: Did you know that embedding Instagram content on your website would increase dwell time up to 300 percent? Again, making the most out of Instagram’s user-generated content will improve engagement levels up to 50 percent and the conversion rate for customers would increase by 90 percent. Embedding is a minor change that will make all the difference.

Custom design: Embedding Instagram into your website will give you a custom design. There are many Instagram tools with numerous customization features and options. You can easily find a widget that would look great within the design, providing all the options you want. 

Tips to embed

  • The Instagram feed tools are user-friendly and you can embed them into your website that supports JavaScript and HTML. When it comes to WordPress, go to a post or a page; see the source code, and copy-paste the text that your preferred tool uses. 
  • Install a precise Instagram feed tool as a widget into your web design. This way, you can create social media widgets that help in pulling feeds from Instagram before you embed them in your website. 
  • You can embed a post, but to do that, you should visit the URL for the same in your web browser and click on the […] button before choosing embed. It will give you a small snippet of code, which you can copy-paste into your site’s source code.


Now that you know how to embed Instagram feed into your web design, follow the steps and do the same.


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