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event tracking

Event tracking – an important tool for web marketers!

How do you think – is it possible that website is selling as good as the sales manager? Most of marketers will answer – definitely – not! What else can they say? The whole team is working on this – strategic planners, market research specialists, statistics, sociologists, psychologists, advertisers, pr-managers, event-managers, merchandisers, sales promoters, sales managers etc.

The whole problem comes down to communication – better to say – to lack of nonverbal communication in WWW.

This very moment – when the sales maven sees that gesture, that slight movement, that subtle intonation in voice and understands: “Aha! He is mine!” or “Oops! Now I must slow down the pressure”. How we can feel it through web? You don’t have to dig deep to find the answer – research! For web sales – where you have no opportunity to size up quickly with the situation in points of sale, this might be even more important than for real-life marketing.

How to organize it? Try “event tracking”!

If you will not be lazy about setting your trackers properly – it will certainly help you to understand user’s behavior, it will show you how people are interacting with your site. That is by all means necessary.  For those who aren’t developers – it might be not as easy as 1-2-3, but if you are open for the new knowledge and ready to spend some time in studying the question and practicing – it can be rather interesting.

What we call an EVENT?

Any kind of user’s interaction with your site – clicking on links, buttons, images, ads, playing videos, going from one post to an other, file downloading,  any flash-driven element, embedded AJAX page elements – everything could be counted and then explored. Before start using Google Analytics event tracking, you should understand how it works and what does it bring! You may also need to be able to add the code to your website or somebody nearby, who will help you with that.

Why do I need this? 

You may say – it’s obsession, but I can recite many situations when this idea does not look so weird! For example you have never faced with the content filling of your site. And you are not acquainted with the basics of web design or web content management. You have never heard of User Experience practices. In all these situations – you can set the event tracking and in a few weeks you will have the statistic – whether your site is handy for users or not. Do you have messy traffic flows? Did you place the content in the right order or not.

Even if you have a good experience in all above questions – you might also need the event tracking. Before starting the new ad campaign – you need to test your new offer, landing page, you need to chose the right image, that will in future bring high conversions. Before investing in advertising and promotion – set the event tracking for the testing period.

Event tracking and conversions

Also, you may need to use the event tracking for your conversions. In this case you may set the event on your “buy now” or “add to cart” button. There is an option in Google Analytics, to use the event as the conversion, with the conversion value.

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