Guest Blogging.

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Guest blogging

[What is Guest Blogging?] 

You write an article, post, overview, guide, etc. You publish it on third-party blog. And it’s called – guest blogging.

[Why do I need Guest Blogging?] 

In the nutshell – nowadays guest blogging is one of the most powerful online marketing tools! People are fed-up with hard-sell, because it is extremely direct in nature. Today more “human” methods are all the go – like guerilla marketing or drip marketing! They are not associated with sales promotion yet. It looks like voluntary share knowledge. And we shouldn’t miss the boat.

Now we can observe the buoyant demand of “quick knowledge”. We now can find the needed information on almost every topic in a few minutes – no need to go to the library, or to buy a book, or to listen the lesson anymore. All the information is on hand. But it has its back – the knowledge we get is not so valuable for us, because we’ve reached it with ease, and we forget it as soon as the problem resolved. The next time we face the same problem – we will Google again for the same answer. And till the day we will be resistant to that kind of shallow knowledge (because it’s actually stealing your time not saving) – blogs will spread at a rate of knots.

[Benefits of being a guest blogger]

Bigger and valuable platform

Conventionally the reason for guest posting for a blogger is the feeling that the knowledge or news cannot be widely spread through his own blog and may go waste.

Sometimes you just need to attract new audience. Sometimes you want to write a post, that is not 100% relevant to the thematic of your own blog.

Guest posting helps you to share your knowledge with more people on a bigger platform.

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