SEO Checklist. Both: On Site And Off Site SEO

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At it’s core, Google Search Engine Optimization is still about keywords and links. It’s also about relevance, reputation and trust. It’s amount quality of content and visitor satisfaction.

On Site SEO

Text Content

The more – the better – most important to have unique text, informative for the user. If we are talking about the content of the landing pages – their purpose is simple enough – to pass the customer further, to the next stage in the buying journey. So try not to overload the landing with huge texts. Always be governed by common sense!

Some may say, that the amount of content – is not the core value of on site optimization. Maybe so, but somehow the top 10 results of SERP – have an average of approximately 1800 words. 

Quality VS Quantity! Remember about bounce rate!!! Try to produce unique content! Answer the question: would this page/post/ be helpful for my audience? The high percentage of the bounce rate tells Google, that this site doesn’t provide good enough, relative results for this particular keyword query. And one day Google may not show you for the keyword you want…Or push down your page on SERP.


Include your target keyword in the beginning of your title tag. If you have many H2, H3 – place the keyword also there. Use your keyword in the 1st paragraph. Use LSI keywords – the closer to the main keyword – the better.

Keyword Density

Write like you don’t know SEO and never heard of the keywords. Then test with the density tool – should not be over 3%

You can use this FREE tool from the SeoBook or SeoChat tool or any other you like.


Use H1 – once (HTML 5 lets to use several times) – but still use once. Use relevant to content H1. If using H2, H3 etc. – don’t miss one. Can’t have H4 without H3. If it has a sense use your keyword in H1. You can use any number of H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 Elements on any page.

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