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Backlinking fate

There was the time – when everybody knew for sure – that backlinking is the major factor, affecting SEO. Actually – it was set in underlying principles of SERP. You can read this historical sketch in the post about Page Rank and SERP. But as time passed and SEO’s got used to include this point to the “by all means necessary” SEO measures – the interest to that subject faded. And as other interesting SEO factors were pulling the blanket – some newborn SEO’s started to forget the core thing – our main superpower – backlinking!

You may hear – content is the king! Page loading speed – is the most important thing! Keywords, images, socials! Each and every listed point – is very important – as well as dozens of other – but backlinking – is the magic that cannot be overemphasized.

And after the Google’s Penguin (algorithm) was first announced on April 24, 2012 – things will never be the same, SEO became cleaner, different link schemes and other black-hat SEO technics were gone to history. Our everyday work became more interesting, our search results became more relevant!  And Google does it’s best to deliver new improvements to us as often as possible.

“We Make Changes Almost Every Day”

/John Mueller, Google/

We should always keep a finger on the pulse – use only best, proved and clean methods. Or one day, after another Penguin update – you may find yourself far behind your competitors, or even penalized! Too many risks! Be good. Keep calm and save our backlinks infographic – to have a great tip on hand!

backlinks infographic


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