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What will make the profit? How this will work?

AMP monetization. Is there any second bottom – self-serving meaning, or a real altruist striving to make the world a better place?

What was the idea for Google?

This questions made life of thousands of marketers unbearable. They had no sleep for many weeks – and now, finally Ranna Zhour – the product manager Google AMP throw some light on this topic.She provides some data and shared interesting information about AMP ads.

Of course she couldn’t stay out of different success stories and case studies – and some of them were really impressive! For example Ali Express, has reported a 10.5 percent increase in conversions and a 27 percent increase in conversion rate on their site after switching to AMP. More and more companies are joining the team of AMP followers. And there are real giants among them – Yahoo Japan, Baidu, Sogou, Tencent Qzone (640 million active monthly users) and Weibo (313 million active monthly users)! Not bad! There are over 2 billion AMP pages already.

AMP monetization – ads

DoubleClick (Google’s display ad network) reports that 90 percent of the publishers using AMP ads are seeing higher CTR, and 70 percent of them experience higher CPM with AMP ads over regular ads. Google AdSense has implemented AMP Auto Ads, that makes life much easier. Also AMP has began to implement support for video ads.

  • Instream video: You can implement a video player inside amp-iframe (example) or by using a dedicated extended component (list of video players integrated in AMP).
  • Preroll/postroll capabilities depend on your video player.

Good news!

AMP AD Formats:

On this page, generously made for us by Google, you can find AMP Ads Test Cases for Google Ads – here you can find different interesting tips together with the information about popular embed AMP Carousel ads, and Lightbox ads.

The other very informative resource, that will be very helpful for the WP developers called There is a good post, showing how to place the DoubleClick ads in AMP


Talking about AMP monetization and demonstrating all the possible advantages – Ranna Zhour could not to mention, that above all, AMP ads use 80 percent less battery than non-AMP ads!

The flawless victory

AMP monetization





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