The World of WordPress SEO Plug-Ins and How to Select the Best Ones

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WordPress has generated goodwill for itself! Being user and SEO friendly, this CMS is the popular choice for established brands and start-ups alike. The clause of learning PHP to create a site in a website is always debatable. To make an intrinsic change in the plug-ins, users might need to have an in-depth idea of PHP. Personal bloggers and even start-up entrepreneurs aiming to have their site on WordPress need not have a detailed understanding of PHP.

It is essential to understand one crucial aspect of WordPress! The CMS is SEO friendly. It doesn’t take away the fact that as users you need to deploy smart SEO strategies and tactics. The best solution is to opt for SEO plug-ins.

Today, there’s a host of SEO plug-ins available that can be used by personal bloggers. Users and entrepreneurs can select from the vast SEO plug-in buffet based on their requirements and preferences. Do you want to use the best plug-ins as well? If yes, then you can opt for some of the best plug-ins from the list below:

Yoast SEO Plugin

One of the most powerful and valuable tools of WordPress Plugins is Yoast SEO plugin .It helps to control meta description, keywords and titles, and also show how every page will look while shared on your social media platforms. You can create great content by tuning Yoast SEO to engine of your site.


This plug-in will always keep you updated concerning the SEO status of your entire website. WP Meta SEO comes equipped with a stunning dashboard. Easy to implement, this plug-in comes with fast settings as well. This plug-in has its magical features. It has SEO processing capacity else it would have taken a lot of time to optimize. Hence, all you have to do is opt for the image and content size and all the other things get done by this stunning plug-in. It saves your crucial time. You can use that time to concentrate on other critical aspects of your business activities.

SEO Ultimate

SEO ultimate is yet another common SEO plug-in used by many. The plug-in is equipped with standard SEO choices that will optimize your website well. SEO Ultimate will offer you complete authority over the Meta descriptions and titles. You can even control the 404 monitoring, rich snippets, auto-linking as well as the open graph.


Use this plug-in to edit the Meta description for the page attachments, post, and many other post kinds! It will enable you to maximize the click-through rates in Google search page results. Furthermore, it provides complete management of image, open graph title as well as content for each post and attachment. You can also customize the post type based on the website. Add rich snippets using this plug-in and get the best search result rankings as well.

W3 Total Cache

Your website SEO and performance work in tandem. Websites should have good speed and be user-friendly. Google counts on the user experience to a great extent. The W3 Total Cache is one of the best plug-ins to use when you want to enhance your website performance.


Although this doesn’t qualify to be an SEO plug-in, it sure does help in hugely adding to your WordPress SEO. It helps you to enhance the complete search engine exposure for your website along with valuable insight. It can be classified as a WordPress rank checker plug-in that will enable you to keep track of WordPress ranks on the search engine. Furthermore, you can also note the keyword positions minutely. Rankie plugin is available on for $25


Do you want to curate content that’s search bot friendly and human as well? If yes, then this plug-in has you covered. You can get the best ranking results and ensure that the users are engaged. Using SEO by SQUIRRLY helps you to have access to the SEO stats. You can also manage the SEO audits weekly. In addition to that, you can search for the best keywords for your website and have access to extra traffic.

Furthermore, this plug-in will notify users if the content generated is of good quality and SEO friendly. Users can publish it when it qualifies the standards and gets good search engine rankings. This plug-in also helps you to offer suggestions in real-time on your articles, as you write or edit the same.

Qualities of a decent WordPress Plug-In

Today, there are several WordPress plug-ins that you can select from. And as per experts from various SEO firms – it is essential to choose the right plug-ins. For this, it is necessary to know the standards that a decent plug-in must cater to. Here are a few of the criteria:

  • Effective and clean codes:

A proper SEO plug-in needs to possess a clean code. It shouldn’t come with pointless JavaScript or CSS entities that can result in needless website load. It also needs to be commented well for a simpler understanding of the way each code section functions. Clean code is a foundation on which any WordPress plug-in functions well.

  • Ample SEO features:

A smart SEO plug-in needs to come equipped with many SEO features. This assists in minimizing the count of other plug-ins in the website. So, when you get to optimize one well-meaning plug-in, it helps to do away with others. Although there are plug-ins with single features, such as “301 redirect” and the like, there are excellent ones that come with multiple features that are compact and effective. Those can perform numerous tasks.

  • Favorable customer assistance:

A favorable SEO plug-in needs to have decent customer assistance. There are free plug-ins that you can access from the WordPress repository. It is available with free assistance in the concerned plug-in assistance forums. In addition to that, you also need to keep an eye on the support that is provided by plug-in authors on the assistance channel. This is essential. And you need to check it before deciding whether you want to opt-in for the plug-in. The plug-in support forum can also be accessed if any issues are existing with the plug-in and its probable solutions for the same as well.

  • Constant updates:

A WordPress SEO plug-in should be updated constantly to make sure that it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. When a plug-in is not updated for the longest time, it might result in your website to be completely hacked. Or it can make it vulnerable to any external security threats as well.

SEO is something that you need to be concerned with if yours is an online business. With WordPress comes a series of plug-ins that you can resort to and make your website SEO friendly. Wondering where to start from? You can select from the above-discussed SEO plug-ins. And if you think whether it is authentic, then you can run a check with the needed criteria and arrive at a well-informed decision.

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