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Too many search queries for Zombify plugin. People ask: what is it, how it works, where to buy, how to install, what are the advantages, is it hard to use. 1 min


When we saw some misleading answers about Zombify – on one of the forums – we decided not to act as “couch potato” and finally make some kind of short review of Zombify, to cover the most important features.

We are the team of developers and proud owners of this great and popular product. We are working constantly on adding new incredible functions, that become a trendsetters in a moment! Okey, enough boasting – let’s start.

Zombify is WordPress post builder plugin with front end uploader, that gives you a posssbility to create different kinds of posts without entering WP admin panel, that means that you don’t have to deal with all that backoffice stuff. So, the first answer – Zombify is extreamly easy to use tool. It doesn’t require any programming skills and can work with almost all themes, even if they have their own page builders.

It is dedicated, mostly for blogs, viral sites, news sites, especially if there are multiply authors, or if the site is open for guest posting. It’s perfect for the authors who want to involve the readers into communication, metacommunication. It has the complete set of tools for that!

I will try to demonstrate some of it’s features right in that post.



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