Trampolines or bounce houses – Which is better?

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Most parents want their kids to have quality outdoor time during summers! Most children want to play in their backyard. Usually, kids love to jump around in their free-spirited manner. Today, you have access to several bouncing playsets. Trying to know the most desirable fit, will take some groundwork.

Generally, parents are often confused between the idea of getting a trampoline or renting a bounce house!  Today, both trampolines and bounce houses allow kids to exercise and play simultaneously. However, between the two the bounce house is a clear winner, simply because it’s safe and fun. Also, the bounce house rentals are accessible today. To know more on this, you can check out bounce house rental.

Some of the reasons that establish a bounce house as a clear winner are as follows:

  1. It is a fun-filled activity

Don’t invest in a jumping play set for your kid, without assessing the pros and cons. It is essential to know whether your child will love this outdoor activity. Today, trampolines are available in multiple sizes. You can also add a couple of accessories with it, such as basketball hoops and the like. But a trampoline can’t match up to choices and scopes of playing that the bouncy inflatable’s offer.

Also, the bounce houses are available in various types. You can add extra accessories as per your choice. You can customize the design. If your kid loves something sporty and quirky, you can customize the theme and color accordingly. From slides to water pools, you can add what you want. It doubles the fun of outdoor jumping!

  1. A complete party experience

Bounce houses are perfect for most situations. You will mostly find them at a themed kid’s party. But they are equally used in other events and celebrations as well. Whether you rent it or get an inflatable castle for your own, your kids can have access to their share of fun anytime they want. Also, if it’s a family occasion that you’re celebrating, there you will have your kid’s friend at the venue. Having a bounce castle will allow all of them to play together. Visually a bounce house is more attractive than a trampoline. And that adds to the overall party experience.

  1. There’s more than jumping

The ultimate objective of a trampoline is jumping! Even an inflatable castle allows your kids to jump in addition to other things. Sometimes, inflatables can come equipped with ball pits and other accessories based on the theme. Additionally, you can select from multiple designs that will cater to your children’s requirements and interests.

  1. The safety aspect

While renting or purchasing anything that your kid will use, you need to get concerned about the safety aspect. In the case of trampolines, there are chances of injuries, which at times can be severe. Several professionals don’t consider it safe. The American Academy of Pediatrics, as well as other reputed institutions, doesn’t encourage trampolines, without the presence of someone who will govern the activity constantly. The injuries resulting from trampolines can lead to broken bones, fractures, and sprains. Children can also have neck injuries as well.

These are some of the reasons why a bounce house is considered both fun and safe! When you rent it from an ace service provider, you get a reasonable price and add to your savings as well.


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