Update released for Boombox – V1.3.6

Hello friends, time to announce for next big update package! 🙂

1. New: Animatrix demo – new styles, new opportunities to create website of your dream


2. New: Full dark mode support – you can now feel free to experiment with dark colors

3. New: Anime style reaction set – in our best traditions 🙂


4. New: Minimal/Original reaction set – as already told, in our best traditions 😀


4. New: Featured area type: 1 featured post with newsletter – beside already standard featured types we added very interesting new type, we think you’ll find it useful 😉


5. New: Custom post formats icons via categories and tags – now you can specify the type of your post simply using custom icons on featured thumbnail


6. New: Support of YouTube and Vimeo embeds on classic post list – beside opportunity to use custom video, now you also can use YouTube and Vimeo videos


7. Improvement: Gif load optimization on mobile for stream list

8. Fixed: MP4 converted gifs on mobile don’t work properly

9. Fixed: Image caption bug

10. Fixed: Reaction by tags don’t show up in menu

11. Fixed: NSFW login with socials bug

12. Fixed: Author avatar not showing on trending list

13. Fixed: Other minor improvements and fixes


P. S.

Follow us, more interesting is coming 😉


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Update released for Boombox – V1.3.6

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