Update released for Boombox V 1.5.0

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A new stage in the evolution of Boombox. Meet Zoooooombify !!! We continue to integrate all possible features related with viral and buzz theme in  one megatheme.

Forget all third-party plugins for creating quizzes and say hello to Zombify, which have all ambitions to become number 1 in this area.


You already can use personality and trivia quizzes, poll, story, list, video, audio and image post types.


It’s fully integrated with BuddyPress plugin.



When you install plugin, “upload” button automatically linked to Zombify post types page, where you can choose what post to create.



In Zombify settings you can choose what type of post to allow users to create and decide default categories and tags for each type of posts.


More features coming soon. Let us know what would you like to see new in Zombify.

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